A photo of a light-skinned, female-presenting person with short, curly brown hair who is seated and smiling. Next to the figure, a small stack of books is visible on a side table, and green plants frame the foreground against an orange-gold backdrop.
Photography by Ella Sophie

Hello! Welcome to my space. I am so glad you’ve found your way here.

My name is Feather (my namesake a poem) and I love stories. As humans, everything we do—everything we are—is a story. There’s a special magic in the way we look at the world and see narrative at every turn: in who we are, in what came before, in what lies ahead. Our inheritance is an ongoing project of looking, seeing, and imagining beyond.

Right now, I work with stories as an editor at Atheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. I bring to this work years of training in rhetoric and composition; experience in classrooms and libraries; and intimate familiarity with trends in the U.S. children’s publishing market. Most importantly, though, I bring myself: the whole of my identities and experiences and opinions (of which there are many, ever-changing as I do), my knowledge of living in addition to my knowledge of storytelling.

If you are committed to upending stereotypes; dismantling the legacies of oppressive systems within both your art and yourself; and creating spaces for your communities to experience joy, curiosity, healing, and rest, then I am invested in the stories you tell. As the inimitable Toni Morrison said: “Books are a form of political action. Books are knowledge. Books are reflection. Books change your mind.” I am not here to maintain the status quo—I am here to build something better, one book at at time.

Please use she/her pronouns when speaking about me. For information about my taste and acquisitions, feel free to consult my MSWL or my announced deals.

Talks & Events


  • 2024 The Writing Barn Pitch & Play Industry Day, Notable Nonfiction panel
  • 2024 Picture Book Summit, First Pages panel
  • 2024 Vermont College of Fine Arts WCYA Alumnx Mini-Residency
    • Editor-Agent Panel: State of the Industry
  • 2024 Big Sur Children’s Writing Workshop


  • 2023 Surrey International Writers’ Conference
    • Panel: Writing for Younger Children
  • 2023 Better Books Workshop
    • Circling Back: Using Theme and Motif to Shape Emotional Arcs
  • 2023 Bay Area Women in Publishing
    • Panel: Grow Your Career to Make a Difference
  • 2023 Highlights Research Intensive, Editor-Agent Q&A session
  • 2023 Inked Voices Advanced Picture Books two-round workshop
  • 2023 The Kidlit Hive webinar
    • Editor Panel: Journey Through Acquisitions
  • 2023 SCBWI Florida “Critique-A-Palooza” event


  • 2022 Inked Voices Advanced Picture Books workshop


  • 2021 SCBWI Summer Conference
    • Editor Panel: How to Get Me to Say Yes to Your Manuscript
  • 2021 WNDB Internship Grant Bootcamp, Alumnx panel
  • 2021 SCBWI Oregon biannual conference
    • Take What Works: Navigating Critiques, Feedback, and Revision Like a Pro
    • The Heart of the Story: Exploring Change Through Picture Books
  • 2021 SCBWI Ohio North “Triple-Scoop Picture Book Revision ReTREAT” event
  • 2021 SCBWI Illinois “Pitch N’ Stitch” event


  • 2020 SCBWI Summer Conference
  • 2020 SCBWI MD/DE/WV regional conference