Every night at midnight, Felix turns into a wolf. His hands and feet turn into velvety paws, his senses grow sharper, and he grows a long, furry tail. Felix loves exploring on four legs, and he has the nighttime world to himself. There’s no one else like him.

During the day, Felix is human, but it still feels like there’s no one like him. The other kids used to invite him to play, but now they keep their distance. That’s fine, though. Felix doesn’t need anyone else. But after a chance encounter, Felix the little lone wolf starts to wonder whether he might find his pack after all.

Art direction and design by Rebecca Syracuse
Developmental editing by Alex Borbolla

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“Cheong’s approachable prose and charming illustrations deliver a heartfelt story about the comfort of community . . . Warm and dreamy, this sweet story captures the joy of finding your pack.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Cheong’s message is as striking as the title’s art and soul-searching narrative voice: self-acceptance is important, but being open to the possibilities within others can take one to surprising places—and enjoyable sleepovers.” —Publishers Weekly

“Inviting and creative, Peter Cheong’s first book as author and illustrator is both a tale of nighttime adventures and a heartwarming metaphor for finding one’s place in the world . . . Cheong’s style is consistently appealing, but his nighttime scenes are especially engaging . . . Every Night at Midnight resonates with beauty and heart.” —Bookpage

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