From 1776 to the present day, the Presidents of the United States have been America’s most important public speakers. Their words have inspired change throughout the highs and lows of history, from the Declaration of Independence to declarations in support of civil rights, and everything in between.

Why did George Washington call for “good faith and justice towards all nations” in his farewell address? What did it mean for Franklin D. Roosevelt to proclaim, in the middle of the Great Depression, that “the only thing to fear is fear itself?” And in one of the most famous presidential speeches ever given, the Gettysburg Address, why did Abraham Lincoln choose to begin with math (“four score and seven years ago”)?

In Speaking of America, the meaning and historical impact of quotes from the first forty-five American presidents are illuminated with wit and warmth. Full of fascinating facts that take listeners behind the scenes of American history, this captivating nonfiction book shows how US presidents have used their words to encourage, explain, assert, and defend—while equipping future leaders with the knowledge that they too have the power to change the world.

Art direction and design by Greg Stadnyk

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